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Who has developed MiniMeis?

The idea for MiniMeis was the father of two Julius Winger who came up with.
Together with product designer Marcus Martinuzzi, and other professionals, he has for more than three years working on what today is MiniMeis.

Why is it made?

MiniMeis is invented in response to a real need. Many children are tired of sitting in the wagon when they are about 7-8 months. The child then begins to be too heavy for carrier, is restless, but still can not walk by themself. The MiniMeis is an alternative to traditional methods and can easily be packed into the carriage.

Many parents find that their children are eager to sit on your shoulders, but it's not always practical when you have pushchair or carry anything in their hands. With MiniMeis are the bearer hands free and your child gets the best view.

What age is it suitable for?

MiniMeis can be used from the child can keep his head up by himself. Approximately from age 6-8 months and up to about 2 years. Early next year we will introduce a additional product with new upper moves, which can be easily replaced on the MiniMeisen that you already got. This feature is designed for children from 2-5 years. The MiniMeis is exactly the same.

How much weight can it hold?

The lifting loops on the side to MiniMeis is tested by SINTEF to 20 kg per item. The actual substance and carrier arm is very solid and can withstand much more, more than you will ever wear on your shoulders.

Is it equally suitable for women and men?

This is a matter of taste. The product is made by a father on the basis of male anatomy. Many women think it is super to wear. Others are not quite comfortable with it yet. Size and shape of women's breasts naturally vary to a greater extent than men.

The designers are working on a specially adapted version for mums.

Is not it difficult to lift up on your shoulders alone?

Like everything new MiniMeis also must be expirienced. The youngest children are placed and fastened in the MiniMeis before lifting over your head. The larger children who need harness, can be lifted up after the Meise is placed on the shoulders. Then attach the leg straps.

In which typical situations is it suitable to use MiniMeis?

MiniMeis is perfect for short and long trips on foot. Whether in the city or the countryside. For delivery and pickup at the nursery, a walk in the store and at festivals, museums and amusement parks. In addition, it can be folded together and weighs only 1.4 kg. Therefore super for vacations of shorter and longer nature.

Is it secure?

MiniMeis tested over several years and the security element are emerged as the most important during development.

Most carry their child on the shoulders, and then takes into account the height child receives. This is no different with MiniMeis. Only more convenient given that you have your hands free.

What is MiniMeis advantages over other carrying methods?

MiniMeis is much lighter and smaller than the usual carrying device.

It can be folded up and comes with a bag that fits in the cart / bag / suitcase or on the shoulder.

The child gets the best view from the shoulders and is not as fast restless traveling as at other carrying methods.

It gives a correct ergonomic carrying way that creates good posture. Feels and is simply terrific.


Who will enjoy buying MiniMeis?

Everyone that is surrounded by children between 6 months and up to 4 years will enjoy MiniMeis.
Do you have one or more children; MiniMeisen will make transport routes more convenient and easier for the parents, not to mention more fun for kids.